What is IT Governance?

The purpose of IT Governance is to ensure the alignment of IT to campus strategic goals. IT Governance provides oversight and process that guides decision-making and creates transparency of the full lifecycle of IT investments.

What Does IT Governance Do?

IT Governance serves this campus by ensuring the alignment of IT efforts through a robust IT governance process. We engage with faculty leaders to advise the Office of the CIO on IT teaching and research priorities. We utilize committees of senior campus leaders to ensure IT priorities and strategies continue to align with campus and university goals and initiatives. Additionally, we establish advisory committees to provide advice and recommendations on our IT initiatives and services.

General Responsibilities of IT Governance

As a whole, IT Governance is responsible for:

  • Establishing the structure and processes that guide (yields?) strategic decision-making and alignment of IT to campus strategic goals and priorities
  • Facilitating the inquiry and obtaining recommendations from campus stakeholders about IT initiatives and services
  • Providing transparency about the IT Governance structure, processes, committees, and membership
  • Communicating the outcomes of IT Governance