IT Faculty Advisory Committee


The IT Faculty Advisory Committee engages with IT Governance and other committees and campus groups to ensure the needs of faculty, students, and staff are represented.


The IT Faculty Advisory Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Strategic alignment – Ensure that the direction of campus IT aligns with the campus’ strategy and business needs.
  • Collaboration – Identify opportunities for collaboration in academic, business, or IT functions across campus and UA boundaries.
  • Consultation – Advise and request comments from faculty, students, staff, colleges, and units on the intersection of IT with research, instruction, and engagement.
  • IT efficacy – Review IT efforts and ensure they effectively support research, instruction, engagement, and business activities.
  • Transparency and communication – Ensure IT customers are aware of available services and support capabilities; that all IT Governance decisions are published in an appropriate manner; and that communications about IT are adequate to meet community needs.


Current members of the IT Faculty Advisory Committee are:

  • Michael Bailey (Engineering)
  • Gustavo Caetano-Anolles (ACES)
  • Benjamin Grosser (FAA)
  • John Hart (Graduate College)
  • Joseph Brantley Houston (Media)
  • Christopher Larrison (Social Work)
  • Randy McCarthy (LAS)
  • Daniel Morrow (Education)
  • Robert Motl (AHS)
  • Beth Sandore Namachchivaya (Library)
  • Michael Shaw (Business)
  • Rebecca Smith (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Benjamin Williams (Medicine)