IT Council


The IT Council provides advice and recommends about strategic directions, policies, priorities, and initiatives related to campus IT services and infrastructure. The IT Council provides insights on IT issues, feasibility, dependencies, and ramifications to IT stakeholders. The IT Council is chaired by the campus CIO.


  • Mark Henderson, Chair (CIO)
  • Roberto Aldunate (AHS)
  • Joe Barnes (Technology Services)
  • Chris Barton (AITS, alternate)
  • Mike Bohlmann (Media)
  • Alex Breen (Technology Services)
  • Jim Dohle (Library, alternate)
  • Melvin Fenner (IT Director for McKinley Health Center)
  • Craig Flowers (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Jeff Fox (Veterinary Medicine)
  • David Gerstenecker (ACES)
  • Gabe Gibson (LAS, alternate)
  • Greg Gulick (Technology Services)
  • Tom Habing (Library)
  • Julia Hart (Graduate College)
  • Erik Hege (GSLIS)
  • Michael Hites (AITS)
  • Jim Hurst (Engineering, alternate)
  • Tod Jebe (Medicine)
  • Jackie Kern (Technology Services)
  • James Quisenberry (Housing, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs)
  • Tony Rimovsky (Technology Services)
  • Nick Rogers (Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • John Rossi (Technology Services)
  • Tracy Smith (Technology Services)
  • Ryan Thomas (Education)
  • Paul Thornhill (Extension)
  • Chris Tidrick (Business)
  • Dimuthu Tilakaratne (AITS, alternate)
  • Tracy Tolliver (Technology Services)
  • John Towns (NCSA & Technology Services)
  • Scott Vanwingerden (Tech Services at Swanlund)
  • Doug Ward (Illinois State Water Survey, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research)